Pork and the grill pair perfectly to create delicious, balanced meals. These resources will help you and your audiences learn how to properly cook pork on the grill, how to smartly plan shopping and cooking to best manage time and budget and how to be safe in the kitchen and on the grill. New tools will be added throughout Summer 2020, so please check back again soon!

The Perfect Technique

Pork perfection is easy when you pair the right pork cut with great grilling or savory smoking. These easy-to-follow directions help the beginner gain confidence and enable the more experienced to learn new flavors and techniques.

Planning Ahead

Taking the time to plan enables your audiences to enjoy more time with family and friends. From smart shopping trips to “planned overs” to having the right cuts on hand for smoking and grilling pork, our guides help make every minute – and every penny – count.

Safety First

From the store to the kitchen, the kitchen to the grill, and the grill to your plate—food safety is our key focus. Simple tips show your audiences how to store, prepare and enjoy pork safely.