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A Protein for all Budgets

Helping patients and clients eat nutritious meals that fit within their budgets is always an important topic for nutrition professionals. Now more than ever, low-income families are being challenged to keep nutritious meals on the table. Learn how fresh, lean pork can fit within the Thrifty Food Plan and earn 1.0 CPEU! 

Pork Nutrition

Explore the many nutrients naturally found in lean pork and their potential to enhance and maintain optimal health throughout all stages of life.

Choose Lean Pork

Pork is surprisingly lean! Learn more about the various lean cuts of pork and how to prepare them to deliciously maximize positive nutrition.


Exploring Pork’s Role in Cultural Diets 

Culture is a central factor in our food decisions. As Registered Dietitians Nutritionists, it is essential to balance nutrition with tradition. This webinar introduces the role pork plays in various dishes worldwide, while examining how changing identity impacts food choices. Join Maya Feller MS, RD, CDN; Professor Judy Rodriguez, PhD, RD; and the National Pork Board’s Kara Behlke-Ungerman RDN, José de Jesús, and Marleena Jones for a conversation about how pork can be a versatile and culturally significant part of a balanced diet. 

 This program will: 

  1. Introduce pork’s role in various global cuisines and provide a perspective on why it is the most consumed protein globally and is a staple food across many cultures. 
  2. Address lean pork’s versatility across global cuisines as a lean, affordable, sustainable, and culturally relevant protein.  

Sound Bites Podcast with Melissa Joy Dobbins

Lean Pork: Nutritious, Accessible & Culturally Relevant

Run Time: 00:47:20  


“Pork fits into a variety of different cultures – think about all the different tastes and flavors that go along with that. And there are hundreds of different flavor nuances to pork, which is why it makes such a good friend to all foods and makes such a nice pair to so many plant-forward dishes.”


Thanks to Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RDN, CDCES, host of the Sound Bites® podcast for partnering on this episode.

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