Know your chops! Pick your favorite, season, and grill it up! Grill it like a steak:

For optimal flavor, grill chops to an internal temperature of 145 degrees and let it rest three minutes before serving.

Chops are a flavorful foundation for any meal.  Some prefer thin cut chops, but many love the juiciness of a thick cut chop on the bone.

Pork chops are incredibly versatile and can be fried or baked in your favorite sauces.  Ever had a stuffed pork chop?  It’s like having a side dish built into your main course!

If you go with a bone-in chop, you’ll taste an added dimension of flavor and richness.  Some treat their bone-in chops just like a steak.  To keep the tenderloin juicy and prevent it from drying out, cook to an internal cooking temperature of between 145° and 160° F, followed by a 3-minute rest.

How To Cook Pork Chops

Pork tenderloin offers so many benefits it wins high praise from home cooks, family, and guests. It can be impressive with simple seasonings and roasted, grilled or sautéed, or used as an ingredient in a variety of recipes. It is a mild, lean and tender cut which comes from the full pork loin and typically weighs around ¾ to 1½ pounds.

Easy and Delicious

Pork tenderloin is hassle-free as it doesn’t take long to cook. If grilling, pork tenderloin takes only 20 minutes on a direct medium-hot grill (400°F) or a few minutes more if roasting in the oven. Cook the pork tenderloin to a 145-160 degree internal temperature for best results.

Recipes to Love

Pork tenderloin is a perfect canvas for many flavors and can be marinated for a few hours or overnight. It marries well with spice rubs, is a delicious addition to pizzas, salads or noodle bowls, can be sliced and stuffed or served as medallions.

Here are a few favorite pork tenderloin recipes.

Spicy Cranberry Pork Tenderloin – This tender, juicy pork tenderloin is served with an oh-so-good sweet and spicy cranberry sauce.

Sautéed Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Lemon-Garlic Sauce – Garlic, lemon juice and olive oil combine for this quick and fresh dish – yum!

Thai Pork Noodle Bowl – Be internationally inspired! Slice tender grilled Thai-marinated pork chops and top a bed of peanut noodles made with garlic, lime juice and soy sauce.

Pork Tenderloin and Sausage Flatbread – Pork tenderloin, Italian sausage and melted parmesan flatbread is a tasty idea for pizza night.

Pork Quinoa Salad with Cherries and Balsamic – This pork tenderloin, kale, dried cherries, balsamic and almond salad makes a fresh and easy meal.