The loin roast comes from the area of the pig between the shoulder and the beginning of the leg It is sold either bone-in or deboned. Loin roast can be rolled and tied with string. Loin roasts with a bone tend to be juicier and more flavorful, but the bone can make carving a bit tricky.

Loin roast is sometimes confused with tenderloin. Despite the name similarity, they are not one in the same. A loin roast is typically sold in pieces weighing between two to four pounds (the tenderloin is a smaller, long cut that usually weighs about a pound). The term roast simply refers to a large cut of pork.

Loin roasts are delicious when brined or rubbed with a spice mixture and barbecued over indirect heat. Pork loin roasts should not be braised or stewed as they have a tendency to lose tenderness and fall apart when cooked using moist heat.

Cooking Tip

The loin roast is most delicious when cooked to a 145-160 degree internal pork cooking temperature.

Cooking Pork Loin Roast

Loin roasts don’t need to be intimidating. Common cooking methods include grilling and roasting. Purchase a boneless pork loin roast, season and roast in the oven for approximately 20 minutes per pound at 375 degrees. Cook until the internal temperature reads 145 degrees, and let it rest five minutes. You’ll have a beautiful, blush pink roast ready to devour. Slice and serve with your favorite sides.

For a crisp surface on your roast, be sure the oven is fully preheated before place the roast in it and do not cover the meat while roasting.

Popular Pork Loin Roast Recipes

Prosciutto and Mushroom Stuffed Pork Roast

Add color to your plate with a side of steamed green beans tossed with butter and a squeeze of lemon. These delicious stuffed pork slices would also be fabulous served over soft polenta made with a little grated Parmesan and cracked black pepper.

Coffee-Crusted Pork Roast with Cranberry Relish

Ground coffee is a common ingredient in Guatemalan recipes, such as in the spice rub that seasons this holiday pork loin. The rub produces a deliciously dark and flavorful crust that enhances the taste of pork.