Volume 39: Now on Menus

Menus across the country are getting more creative. Pork’s popularity continues to grow and savvy chefs are serving up unique preparations that show off its versatility and incredible flavor. From spicy sausage breakfast sandwiches to candied bacon-topped burgers, discover who’s cooking with pork. Wendy’s introduced the three pulled pork items nationally that they tested early […]

Caja China is “Magic”

The history of pig roasts goes back centuries, and every culture has a favorite preparation method using different heat sources and flavoring agents – from Southeast American barbecue, Hawaiian imus and Cajun cochon de lait to Balinese rotisseries, Cantonese char siu and Argentinian lechón al asadores. Most pig roasts are synonymous with social gatherings, whether […]

A Conversation with Pedro Álvarez

Pedro Álvarez never studied to become a chef – he learned hands-on in restaurant apprenticeships. He moved to Italy in 2003 and his three-year tour of Italian kitchens spanned everything from fish and pasta to the art of salumi. He eventually moved back to his native Puerto Rico as sous chef at Restaurant Jose Enrique. […]

Recap of this Year’s Pork Crawl

It was clear from our first meeting that Jose Enrique was a chef we wanted to know better. We met at the 2013 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, and his enthusiasm for all things pork was a perfect fit for National Pork Board events. Jose Enrique joined us at our 2014 Pork Summit in […]