Volume 35: Now on Menus

Pork is a menu must-have at restaurants around the country. Its flavor and versatility make it a top performer across dayparts – from Andouille sausage breakfast sandwiches to Thai pulled pork tacos, to chocolate-drizzled bacon breadsticks for dessert! Take a look at our report to see who’s doing more with the menu. Sizzler rolled out […]

A Conversation with Marc Forgione

From the son of “The Godfather of American Cuisine” to line cook to Iron Chef and beyond, Marc Forgione takes classic Americana to new heights. As the chef/owner of Michelin-rated Restaurant Marc Forgione and the new American steak restaurant American Cut, his dedication to fresh, ingredient-driven food has propelled him to the forefront of the […]

Carbon Footprint

America’s pork producers are among the most environmentally and socially conscious food producers in the world, and they invest in the environment through research into the four pillars of environmental sustainability – our carbon, water, air and land footprints. By evaluating energy usage, water systems and the pork production chain, The National Pork Board uses […]

Give the Classics a Contemporary Edge

Dining out in the post-World War II era was an occasion. Sure, you could go to a diner for breakfast or a Burger Chef for lunch, but when it came to going out for dinner, it was a big deal. You, in your finest attire, were greeted by a maître d’ who guided you to […]