Smoke Signals

From classic barbecue pits to refined dishes at upscale restaurants, smoke is more than a cooking method – and Chef Matt Abdoo showcases it all across his menus.

Trends Report – Ham

From city to country, chefs love ham for its crave-worthy flavor. “Ham is full of umami and delicious – it’s the perfect way to satisfy consumer demand for on-trend, authentic dishes,” said Stephen Gerike, director of foodservice marketing and innovation for the National Pork Board. Ham really does it all, from sandwiches to shareable small […]

Boneless Loin is the Next Big Thing

Now’s the time to explore what the boneless loin can do across the menu. This quick-cooking, versatile cut is perfect for everything from savory Japanese curry and herb-crusted roasts to tender, juicy chops. And new chop names align with well-known steakhouse cuts, so chefs can menu boneless loin chops as a premium, center-of-plate protein for […]

Bone-In Pork Loin

For big flavor that’s popular and profitable, chefs choose the bone-in pork loin. With high consumer demand and falling commodity pricing, there’s big opportunity for operators to increase their bottom line. Bone-in loin hits the key criteria to deliver big – across all dayparts and menu types. It’s easy, affordable, and delivers amazing flavor no […]

Pork Supplies are Abundant and Growing

Right now there’s more pork available than ever. And that means now’s the time to bring more pork to the menu. According to Steve Meyer, Vice President of Pork Analytics at Express Markets, Inc., the number of U.S. market hogs has reached 64.8 million head, up 3.8% year-over-year and well above analysts’ expectations. Combined with […]

Regional Southeast Asian Cuisine

Southeast Asian cuisines have historically been bucketed together – Pad Thai with Pho and pork adobo – but consumers are becoming interested in the nuances between Southeast Asian countries and regions. Each has it’s own unique characteristics, influences and ingredients that make their cuisine so special… and delicious.   Understanding these components and complexities was […]

Innovative Sandwiches Deliver Craveability

Sandwiches are one of the first foods we learn to make. Two pieces of whatever bread was on hand bookending our choice of meat, cheese, or peanut butter. Maybe we wanted to show off our independence, or it might have been as simple as trying to improve what mom was making for the lunch box […]

Breakfast is Breaking Out!

Breakfast has become an all-day phenomenon. While this may appear to be a recent trend, a look at our nation’s history reveals a good old American diner experience at the root of our fascination with the morning meal. Around 1872, Walter Scott began selling food from a horse-pulled wagon to the night shift employees at […]

Forcemeats Provide a Fresh Take on Charcuterie

As the popularity of charcuterie and cured meats continues to grow with restaurateurs and customers, innovative chefs are turning to forcemeat to broaden their repertoire. First, the basics: forcemeat is a combination of meat (typically pork), pork fat, seasonings and other ingredients, blended together through grinding or puréeing to form an emulsion. It’s the first […]