Cook Once, Eat Twice: Helping Families Simplify Mealtime

During this challenging time, a growing number of families are at home together much more than usual, so they’re likely to be eating meals together more often than they typically do. With school and religious activities, sports and entertainment are on hold, all ages are now around the dinner table every night, and the hurried, frantic pace of busy schedules gives way to a lot more time on our […]

Reflections on Annual Meat Conference

Conferences are funny things.   At their worst, they’re merely an opportunity to get together to see the same people we see every year, socialize over free food and drink, and get a few more flights and hotel nights that let us rack up reward points.   At their best, they provide great opportunities to network, make […]

Summer Grilling 2020: Economic Analysis

Plentiful supply should keep pork at the top of merchandising lists  Preparing for the grilling season, two questions are top of the mind for a pork retail merchandiser:   Is there enough pork supply?   Will prices allow me to feature pork successfully?  The latest data offers a firm yes on both counts.   According to USDA and Steiner Consulting data, the […]

Nothing Fires Up Summer Grilling Promotions Quite Like…

Ways to Win Grilling Season with Pork  It may be cold outside, but grilling season is heating up. As retailers look ahead to their Summer and Fall promotional and merchandising plans, pork should be at the top of the list. From ribs to chops, grilling season is prime pork season. Expanding promotions to include other pork cuts like shoulder and specialty sausages can help you secure bigger baskets this year. To help you draw in more pork fans, […]

How Animal Welfare Contributes to Food Safety

As consumers look more closely at their food labels, they increasingly search for claims around animal welfare. Our Insight to Action research found 21% of meat buyers say “Certified Humane” is important and something they’re willing to pay more for, and 36% say they worry about how animals for food are raised.    Likewise, our research found […]

Broadening Consumers’ Healthy Food Purchases

February is American Heart Month, and heart health is top of mind for many Americans. Pork should also be on the top of the list as people look for ways to make food choices that are both nutritious and flavorful. But many people still have misconceptions about the nutrition in fresh, whole-muscle pork. We talked to three registered dietitians about what the […]

The Opportunities We Can’t Afford to Miss

Over the past few months, we’ve shared insights into a critical demographic: Hispanic consumers. The U.S. Hispanic population is growing rapidly, and pork is already prominent in authentic Latino cuisine. Our report, Time to Tango: Latinos are Pork’s Future, gave us a wide breadth of insights, as well as actionable steps to better connect with Latino shoppers.  The report showed […]

Driving Chop Purchase Frequency

Over the past few months, we’ve shared insights on Hispanic consumers from our Time to Tango: Latinos are Pork’s Future report.  For Latinos, pork is central to many authentic dishes that are prepared in an endless variety of ways. Both Hispanics and non-Hispanics find common ground with one pork cut: chops. Our research shows that 27% of Hispanics and 26% of non-Hispanics perceive pork chops to be […]

Helping Health-Conscious Hispanic Consumers Choose Pork

It’s time again for New Year’s resolutions when everyone’s habits and lifestyles change miraculously overnight. (At least for a couple of weeks.) Among the most popular resolutions is a commitment to eating healthier. According to a recent Mintel Better for You Eating Trends report, healthy eating is about balance, no restrictions, for the vast majority (80%) of consumers.  With its nutritional profile and its role in popular, flavorful dishes, […]

Beyond Mexico: The Other Countries of Origin For US Hispanics

Two-thirds of the U.S. Hispanic population is Mexican, so it’s no surprise that when retailers, packers and foodservice operators think about marketing to Hispanics, they often think of Mexican cuisine first. However, as we covered in our report Time to Tango: Latinos are Pork’s Future, the U.S. Hispanic population represent a mosaic of cultures and countries […]