A Six-Decade Commitment to Sustainability

During the past six decades, the pork industry reduced its environmental impact by using 75.9% less land, 25.1% less water, 7% less energy, and 7.7% lower carbon emissions. These are incredible statistics that every retailer, foodservice professional, and consumer should know. But chances are, this is the first time you’ve heard this — and that’s on us. […]

Pork Checkoff CEO Previews National Pork Industry Forum

National Pork Industry Forum will be held March 6-8 in Orlando. Pork Board CEO Bill Even is featured in this edition of Pork Pod discussing issues that will be highlighted at Forum. That includes African Swine Fever, enhancements to the We Care initiative and the way the Pork Checkoff adapts to a changing world.

We Care Task Force

For decades, the U.S. pork industry has recognized the importance of responsible production practices. That’s especially important in a changing marketplace. During 2018, the Pork Checkoff created a We Care task force to build on that success. National Pork Board Assistant Vice President of Sustainability Brett Kaysen is featured in this edition of Pork Pod […]

Data Driven Research Offers Insight into Consumers

National Pork Board Vice President of Domestic Marketing Jarrod Sutton recently offered information on consumer shopping habits to the National Pork Board. Buying habits are changing and pork has a position of power in the meat case. Find out more in this edition of Pork Pod.

Dietician’s Viewpoint on Pork Has Changed

Leia Flure is a registered dietician who has a unique background. After participating in a tour to a hog farm, her views about pig farming changed. Flure highlights those misconceptions in this issue of Pork Pod.

The Sustainability Imperative

Consider the following: In 1950 the U.S. population was approximately 160 million people and 36 percent of the population lived on a farm. Today the U.S. population is approximately 317 million people and less than 2 percent of the population live on a farm with 86 percent living in urban or suburban areas and unlikely […]

Sustainability – What it Means to Our Company

Cameron Bruett, Chief Sustainability Officer for JBS USA Holdings, Inc. 2015 Pork Management Conference, June 16-19 in New Orleans. Presentation Sustainability – What it Means to Our Company and How it Could Impact You from National Pork Board