Needle Information for Pork Production

  The Pork Checkoff’s Needle Know-How initiative is a unique, positive approach to needle-related practices that gives today’s pig farmers and caretakers the information they need to help protect the safety of U.S. pork. With the We CareSM ethical principles of food safety, animal welfare and our people at its core, Needle Know-How offers practical […]

Be Open to New Ideas

Change is inevitable in pig production, making it important for pork producers to be proactive, speaker Jeremy Marchant-Forde, research animal scientist with the USDA Livestock Behavior Research

Modern Pig Farming

The agricultural landscape in America has changed dramatically over the past two generations. Growing knowledge, ongoing research and the adoption of technology have advanced modern pig farming methods. Despite the progress, the nostalgia attached to traditional farming and a rural way of life has led many to perceive the farming methods of the past as […]

Balancing Profit & Responsibility

Pig farmers know that business success requires doing the right things for animals, the environment, and our communities. We are motivated to do what is right for our animals and the land, not only because it’s the right thing to do but also because it’s good business. Because the majority of hog and pig farmers […]

Where Does Pork Come From

America’s pig farmers recognize that consumers have a growing interest in understanding where pork comes from and how it is produced. Transparency and visible actions show people how pork is brought to market. It helps consumers appreciate the process and care that goes into bringing food to their tables. Raising pigs is a complex process […]