2020 Pork Management Conference

Expand your industry knowledge, financial sophistication, industry outlook, latest industry trends, and help you anticipate future challenges while networking with industry leaders and creating a vision.

Livestock & Poultry Outlook

Steve Meyer, EMI Analytics Pork Management Conference, June 14-17, in Clearwater, Florida. Presentation Livestock & Poultry Outlook from National Pork Board

How Do You Win in Tough Times

Mike Boehlje, Purdue University, 2016 Pork Management Conference The agricultural sector is currently facing an economic downturn with both the grain and livestock sectors showing reduced incomes. The focus of this discussion is be the Best in Class actions that will enable producers to mitigate the financial risks and vulnerabilities of the downturn, but also […]

The Captive Alternative: Controlling Your Destiny

Jeff Matney, Innovative Captive Strategies, 2016 Pork Management Conference Alternative risk management – learn about group captive insurance programs and how to take control of your insurance costs, safety and claims management. learn how captives are set up and managed to help control your property casualty insurance costs. Presentation The Captive Alternative: Controlling Your Destiny […]

Risk Management for Dynamic Markets

David Ward and Tim Hughes, CIH, 2016 Pork Management Conference This session reviewed incorporating options on futures in your risk management strategies to avoid extreme margin and cash flow fluctuations. Special focus was given to understand and use option implied volatility to your advantage. Presentation Risk Management for Dynamic Markets – Options and Implied Volatility […]

Safety Programs and Tools

Karen Hoare, National Pork Board, 2016 Pork Management Conference This session highlighted the tools and resources available from the National Pork Board to help reduce injuries and illness. Presentation Safety from National Pork Board

Production Contracts

Kent Bang and Steve Malakowsky, AgStar, 2016 Pork Management Conference This session identified the primary opportunities and challenges associated with producing pigs under contract. Key areas addressed included differences in contract language and expectations that vary across production contracts and that can influence the legal, profit potential and long term viability aspects of entering a […]

2015 Benchmarking Performance

Brian Parker and Alan Childs, MetaFarms, 2016 Pork Management Conference Sow performance, nuery, finishing, wean-to-finish closeout performance. Closeouts, carcass weight, weight variation, variation effect on carcass value, carcass value by carcass weight were covered within this presentation. Presentation 2015 Benchmarking Performance from National Pork Board

Employing Technology

Joel Stave, PrairiE Systems, 2016 Pork Management Conference Technology opportunities being used and what is available for you. Presentation Employing Technology from National Pork Board