Common Audit for a Common Goal

A New tool to cut through on-farm auditing maze.
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Making the Connection

Bringing safe, nutritious pork products to America’s tables has always been the focus of the nation’s pork producers. But with consumers’ increasing interest in how the food on their tables is raised, farmers also have made it a priority to connect with consumers by sharing their stories and facts about pork production today.

Measuring Pork’s Water Footprint

Water is a valuable, life-sustaining resource and, as some areas of the country are experiencing firsthand, one that’s often all too scarce. There are many questions about how much water agriculture uses.

Shared Focus on Innovation

Since 1995, pork operations from across the country have been honored as Environmental Steward award winners (see list on page 12). From Minnesota to Oklahoma and from California to North Carolina, the size and type of the winning farms have varied widely. However, they are united in their shared focus on safeguarding the environment while promoting the well-being of people and pigs.

Antibiotic Changes In Motion

Inside: The pork industry prepares for FDA’s upcoming changes in antibiotic use.
This special-topic newsletter is sent periodically by the Pork Checkoff.

Surviving a Flash Fire

Inside: Put safety first on your farm to protect workers and your pigs.
This special-topic newsletter is sent periodically to producers by the Pork Checkoff.