USDA Proposes Revisions to Its Pork Grade Standard

The National Pork Board has been involved with producer-led meat quality projects and initiatives for more than 25 years. The unchanging goal has been to create more value for all segments of the pork chain by producing a better product for consumers.

Pork’s 3 Keys to Building Consistency

For the National Pork Board, 2017 has been a year where individual pieces of the puzzle to improve consumers’ overall pork eating experience have come together. Quality, new pork cuts nomenclature and a recommended lower endpoint cooking temperature are the keys to giving the U.S. pork industry needed momentum to boost domestic and international demand.

Understanding Today’s Pork Demand Landscape

It’s no secret that the U.S. protein industry is in expansion mode. With pork production expected to be up more than 12 percent in 2017, Pork Checkoff staff and leadership spent the summer defining today’s pork demand “landscape.”

Farm Tours Create Ripple Effect

Animal care, environmental sustainability and responsible antibiotic use are all questions consumers have about today’s pork production.

Share Your #RealPigFarming Story…

More than 2.3 billion active social media accounts are being used across the globe, according to A lot of people are having conversations online, and some of those people want to learn more about what happens on today’s pig farms.

Revealed: Secret Lives of Pig Farmers

While urban consumers enjoy bacon, pork chops and other pork products, most have never met a pig farmer. Earlier this year, the Pork Checkoff launched a new video series to remedy that. The Secret Lives of Pig Farmers videos can be found on the Checkoff’s #RealPigFarming YouTube channel.

Setting the Record Straight: Operation Main Street outreach targets more high-level Influencers

What about GMO corn and pigs? Why do pig farmers use antibiotics? What happens to manure?

What if you had to answer tough questions like these? That is exactly the kind of challenge the Pork Checkoff’s Operation Main Street (OMS) volunteer speakers do not shy away from. In fact, OMS speakers – from pig farmers to veterinarians – actively seek new audiences, including key influencers such as dietitians, chefs, grocer associations and nurses.

Asian Trade Mission Offers Insights

With a clearer vision on on how to elevate U.S. pork as the global protein of choice, National Pork Board officers and senior leaders recently returned from an Asian trade mission. Representing the Pork Checkoff, the team visited with pork processors, distributors, retailers, importers and traders in Japan and China. Asian team members of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) accompanied the group.

New Priorities Set the Stage for 2018

“Change is inevitable… adaptation and survival are optional.”
This old adage is a powerful reminder that regardless of your business, you must be willing to continuously reevaluate your business model if your enterprise is going to survive long-term. For the pork industry, this means making some strategic changes in how your Pork Checkoff dollars are invested.