Social Media in Pork Production

Erin Brenneman, Logan Thornton, Brad Greenway, 2017 Pork Academy Erin Brenneman (Brenneman Farms), Logan Thornton (2017 Pig Farmer of Tomorrow), and Brad Greenway (2017 America’s Pig Farmer of the Year) each share their experience of connecting with people outside of agriculture, telling their farm, family, and food story. Video

Secure Pork Supply Implementation

Dr. Pam Zaabel, Iowa State University and Dr. Patrick Webb, National Pork Board, 2017 Pork Academy Dr. Zaabel outlines the current state of the plan and the details it contains. Dr. Zaabel also steps through a basic scenario of what happens when a foreign animal disease incident occurs in the USA, actions that will occur, […]

Compensation in Pork Production

Karen Hoare, National Pork Board, 2017 Pork Academy Karen Hoare, National Pork Board, shares recent research on pork farm labor compensation. In summary, pork production compensation is competitive. Ms. Hoare details how the data was collected and aggregated with the help of AgCareers. The presentation outlines the key findings on wages, staff scheduling, benefits, and […]

Pork Quality Initiative

Everett L. Forkner, Forkner Farms Inc, 2017 Pork Academy Everett L. Forkner, Owner and President of Forkner Farms Inc., opens his presentation with “What ever happened to old fashioned taste and tenderness?” Mr. Forkner talks about the changes in how pork quality has changed over the years and what efforts are underway to help the […]

Pork Quality Initiative

Jim Compart, Compart Family Farms and Dr. Steve Larsen, National Pork Board, 2017 Pork Academy Jim Compart, Compart Family Farms, and Dr. Steve Larsen, National Pork Board, highlight the focus on pork quality for the consumer and what it means. Mr. Compart shares the background of how pork has been viewed in the past and […]

Who Are These Auditors Coming on My Farm?

Collette Kaster, PAACO, 2017 Pork Academy Ms. Collette Kaster, PAACO, helps farm operations managers and staff understand what goes into becoming a certified farm auditor and what should be expected of the auditor. Ms. Kaster shares the reasoning behind certification and the value it brings to all involved. Ms. Kaster also shares what the future […]

Three Essential Steps to Avoiding a Health, Safety and Environmental Disaster

Karen Hoare, National Pork Board, 2016 Pork Academy Hoare talks about developing an approach to employee safety through caring, training, and culture. Hoare shares information on the National Pork Board’s tools (Safe Pig Handling and Employee Safety Toolkit) to help create a safe environment for both people and animals. Presentation Three Essential Steps to Avoiding […]

Common Swine Industry Audit – Producer Perspectives and Resources

Emily Erickson, New Fashion Pork and Brian Zimmerman, Zimmerman Farms Erickson and Zimmerman provide a large and small operation point of view on having one or more Common Swine Industry Audits at their farms. Erickson shared her experiences of multiple audits and how each one has helped improve their operations and refine their approaches. Zimmerman […]

Cybersecurity and Your Data

Lane Arthur, John Deere and James Johnson, John Deere, 2016 Pork Academy Arthur and Johnson share how cybersecurity will be an ongoing concern, even for farmers and ranchers. Technology use is pervasive and growing, being vigilant is important. Presentation Cybersecurity and Your Data from National Pork Board Video