Dietician’s Viewpoint on Pork Has Changed

Leia Flure is a registered dietician who has a unique background. After participating in a tour to a hog farm, her views about pig farming changed. Flure highlights those misconceptions in this issue of Pork Pod.

Technology Use On Pig Farms

The use of technology in agriculture today has transformed modern farming. Farmers use technology to automate processes and deliver better animal care. These technologies, along with improvements in barn design, provide the best possible environment for housing pigs throughout all stages of their lives. Today, most barns are equipped with automatic ventilation systems that constantly monitor the […]

Types Of Pig Farming In The U.S.

Many farmers raise pigs based on of the animal’s life cycle and may not necessarily raise a pig from birth until market all in one barn or on one farm. Today, they are five common types of pig farms in the United States. Farrow-to-finish farms manage all stages of pig growth and development, from breeding through finishing, […]

Farming Heritage In America

Today’s pig farms combine the best of traditional farming practices with the benefits of modern technology. As a result, pig farmers, veterinarians, and other agricultural experts have improved farming methods, helping to make the U.S. pork supply safer and more nutritious than at any time in our nation’s history. “Farming is part of my family’s […]

Balancing Profit & Responsibility

Pig farmers know that business success requires doing the right things for animals, the environment, and our communities. We are motivated to do what is right for our animals and the land, not only because it’s the right thing to do but also because it’s good business. Because the majority of hog and pig farmers […]