Volume 56: Now on Menus

Delicious, versatile, popular, profitable – pork loin has it all. It’s the perfect choice for creative chefs looking to deliver more flavor across the menu. From Yucatán-style barbeque pork tenderloin to prosciutto and fontina-stuffed chops to tangy barbecue pit-smoked spareribs, see who’s showcasing the loin as a premium menu option. Copeland’s of New Orleans is […]

Volume 55: Now on Menus

Creative chefs and savvy operators are pushing flavor boundaries with pork, showcasing its amazing taste and versatility in dishes that deliver across the menu.

Volume 54: Now on Menus

Pork is a versatile back-of-house favorite, a menu must-have for popular restaurants, and a top performer across day parts. From a grilled pork chop stuffed with fresh spinach and feta to Korean pulled pork wontons to smoky pork belly sandwiches, read our menu innovation report to see who’s delivering what patrons want. Cracker Barrel is […]

Volume 53: Now on Menus

When savvy chefs want to push the boundaries of creativity and flavor, they choose pork. From huevos rancheros breakfast burritos to thick-cut wood-fired porterhouse chops, take a look at our menu innovation report to see who’s doing more with their menu. Outback Steakhouse is bringing the Pork Porterhouse back to the menu – it’s grilled over […]

Volume 52: Now on Menus

Consumers love pork – in fact, it’s been the fastest growing protein in foodservice since 2011.* Operators are taking advantage of the demand, and adding more pork dishes to the menu. From a Ham Steak-stuffed Omelette to Roasted Maple Tenderloin with apple-maple chutney, pork is the perfect way to build excitement and flavor on menus. […]

Volume 51: Now on Menus

With its incredible flavor and consumer demand, there’s never been a better time to add more pork to your menu. From Spanish flatbread with chorizo and romesco, to coffee-rubbed pork and smoked ham sandwiches, to a smoked sausage and cheese curd board, these operators are seizing the moment to make their menus more delicious. Chili’s […]

Volume 50: Now on Menus

Pork’s presence on menus continues to grow. It’s a top choice for creative chefs and savvy operators for its versatility and profitability, and consumers love its incredible flavor. From an Italian pork chop sandwich with ‘nduja sausage to char-grilled, bourbon-glazed porterhouse pork chop, pork is making menus more delicious at restaurants around the country. Take […]

Volume 49: Now on Menus

Creative chefs and savvy operators know pork delivers premium flavor and profitably. From dirty rice with ‘nduja and Italian sausage to pork “wings” to SPAM-topped burgers, pork does it all. Take a look at the report to see who’s crafting not-to-be-missed menus. Carino’s Italian Grill is offering a Citrus Grilled Pork Loin, available for a […]

Volume 48: Now on Menus

For premium, profitable menu items that deliver all day long, creative chefs choose pork. From a grilled breakfast chop with grits and gravy, to entrées like slow-braised pork osso bucco, to maple bacon sundaes for dessert, pork’s versatility makes it a back-of-house favorite – and the flavor keeps patrons coming back. Take a look at […]

Volume 47: Now on Menus

Innovative chefs are pushing flavor boundaries with pork, creating not-to-be-missed dishes that deliver all day. From carnitas sliders and shareable pork fries to Scotch eggs and signature sides like pancetta, potatoes and Brussels sprouts, read our menu innovation report to see who’s bringing more to the menu. Innovative chefs are pushing flavor boundaries with pork, […]