How America Eats Away from Home

All About Dining Out: How America Eats Away from Home The past few months have been incredibly exciting for everyone here at the National Pork Board. We’ve been sharing findings, learnings and actions to be taken from our Dinner at Home in America report, and the information shared is already helping transform the pork world. The report […]

3 Key Trends Influencing Dining Out Decisions

Taste, Tech, Transparency: 3 Key Foodservice Trends As the world becomes more connected, what and how we eat continues to evolve. We’re not only exposed to different types of food, but different opinions, behaviors and techniques for both preparing and speaking about food. While we’ve already detailed the forces driving at-home pork use in America, […]

Shifting pork perceptions in a health-conscious marketplace

Changing Pork’s Misconceptions in a Health-Conscious Marketplace   As we outlined in our Dinner at Home in America report and the subsequent Insight to Action weekly newsletters, many consumers make health a priority when preparing dinner at home. Today, we start to look at the out-of-home dining experience. While indulgence and convenience are key drivers at away-from-home dining, healthy […]

When “going to the store” = “dining out.” Are you positioned to respond to this consumer shift?

Capitalizing on In-Store Meal Options The on-demand dining trend is transforming the way America eats today. Between restaurant delivery services, home meal replacements and in-retail restaurants, the foodservice industry is changing rapidly to meet consumer demand for quick, convenient meals. At the core of this trend is the desire for customization and convenience. More consumers […]

Giving Ham Year-Round Relevance

Moving Ham Beyond the Holidays Easter is just a few days away, and ham will be on the menu at many family gatherings. Year after year, purchases of whole muscle ham spike around this holiday, and while interest returns during Thanksgiving and Christmas, ham suffers from a serious case of seasonality. Source: Nielsen AOD, 52 […]

New Brief Examines Pork’s Appeal with Younger Consumers

Can Pork Appeal to Younger Generations? As Gen Z enters adulthood and Millennials gain more buying power, get married and become parents, these generations are becoming increasingly important for the food industry. In fact, Millennials are now the largest living generation in the country, according to a 2017 Pew research study. While these generations and their […]

Beyond Ribs and Chops: Elevating Pork During Grilling Season

Grilling Season is Firing Up But How Do We Heat Up Pork Sales? As the days get longer and temperatures rise, much of this country is excited to welcome spring, and, more importantly, grilling season. Grilling has become one of America’s most popular cooking methods, with 79 percent of adults owning a grill and 32 percent […]

There’s a tasty alternative to “Pizza Night” waiting to be discovered

Offering Tasty and Quick Takeout Options (and Alternatives) at Retail For busy parents, getting dinner on the table is a constant struggle. Between homework, housework and all of the kids’ extra curriculars, it feels like there’s hardly ever enough time to prepare dinnertime meals. Because of this, takeout often becomes a go-to solution. According to […]

How Pork Board research is boosting the marketing efforts of one pork supplier

How Pork Board insights helped shape marketing strategy at Clemens We made a deliberate decision in naming this weekly newsletter. It directly reflects the change in how the Pork Board leads the conversation about pork within our industry. Since the Jan. 10 launch of the Dinner at Home in America report, we’ve been delivering weekly doses of the […]

Ten assorted chops? Not for 60% of consumers in this key demo

Growing Pork’s Affinity Among Solo Diners Living alone is a fast-growing trend across America, especially among Millennials and Gen X. In fact, according to a 2017 Pew Research study, roughly 60% of adults under age 35 are now living without a spouse or partner – up from 56% in 2007. As a result of this shift, dining […]