As Gen Z Hits Campus, Can Pork Be Relevant?

Pork Can Shine in On-Campus Dining College campuses are a constant source of change, but there’s a generational shift occurring today that’s important to the pork world. Right now, colleges are transitioning from Millennial to Gen Z populations, and as a result, the expectations of dining halls are evolving. According to Datassential’s College and University Keynote report, […]

These 3 “health-forward” pork dishes performed well in consumer tests

Putting 3 “Health-Forward” Pork Dishes to the Test As we saw in our All About Dining Out report, there’s an interesting dichotomy surrounding pork in away-from-home dining. Consumers often view pork as an indulgence, but are weighing the desire to treat themselves against wanting to eat healthy. Of course, we all understand the numerous health benefits of […]

In Depth: The Tenderloin – 3 Keys for Greater Success at Retail

Through our Insight to Action research, we’ve identified pork cuts that warrant deeper analysis. Periodically, we’ll share our findings on these and provide insights and opportunities for each. This is the first in our “In Depth” series. In Depth: The Tenderloin With grilling season and summer celebrations now in full swing, ribs, brats and chops […]

How Healthy Appetites Drive Dining Out Decisions

Healthy Appetites Are Part of Dining Out Our recent All About Dining Out report showed indulgence is a major reason why consumers opt to dine out, but those indulgent occasions aren’t the only reason consumers are keeping their kitchens dark.  Just like when they’re cooking for themselves, health is still a major factor in our daily meal decisions.   Healthy options remain important for consumers across all […]

Putting Pork to the Test: When the Data Meets the Dish

Putting Two Unique Pork Dishes to the Test The data in our All About Dining Out report shows us several significant opportunities for pork. Specifically, we see that unique, craveable appetizers, and Hispanic-inspired, flavorful breakfasts were some of the key opportunities to win more consumers. Intuitively, we saw ways pork could respond to these cravings and help restaurants […]

What Motivates Hispanic Consumers When Dining Out?

Flavor is King for Hispanic Diners Over the past few weeks, we’ve been examining the drivers that impact dining out decision-making. While we’ve identified numerous opportunities to get more pork in the hands of consumers, we can’t lose sight of an established pork-loving audience – Hispanics.   As we know from our brief on Latino […]

Avocado Toast? Bacon Jam? How Food Trends Take Hold

How Food Trends Take Hold As we saw from the meteoric rise of avocado toast, what’s on Instagram one day can dominate restaurant menus the next. Keeping on top of food trends is imperative for operators and retailers alike. Yet, many of us wonder the same thing: How do you spot a trend before it’s established? […]

Summer Celebrations Mean Dining Out

Summer Celebrations Mean Indulging When Dining Out   With June in full swing and summer now ahead of us, the season of al fresco dining and family celebrations has arrived! Whether it’s a graduation or family reunion, or just enjoying the longer days and the excuse to hold a family get-together, more people are looking to […]

Chicago Show Highlighted Pork’s Opportunity

Foodservice Trends Point to Pork’s Power Last week’s National Restaurant Association Show covered a wide variety of modern tastes and trends. Although pork didn’t make many headlines, a closer look at the show reveals some promising takeaways for our industry. Starting with the 2019 Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards presented at the show, innovative items featuring pork reflected what our Insight to Action data has found: multicultural is mainstream. […]