Driving Chop Purchase Frequency

Over the past few months, we’ve shared insights on Hispanic consumers from our Time to Tango: Latinos are Pork’s Future report.  For Latinos, pork is central to many authentic dishes that are prepared in an endless variety of ways. Both Hispanics and non-Hispanics find common ground with one pork cut: chops. Our research shows that 27% of Hispanics and 26% of non-Hispanics perceive pork chops to be […]

A Six-Decade Commitment to Sustainability

During the past six decades, the pork industry reduced its environmental impact by using 75.9% less land, 25.1% less water, 7% less energy, and 7.7% lower carbon emissions. These are incredible statistics that every retailer, foodservice professional, and consumer should know. But chances are, this is the first time you’ve heard this — and that’s on us. […]

Helping Health-Conscious Hispanic Consumers Choose Pork

It’s time again for New Year’s resolutions when everyone’s habits and lifestyles change miraculously overnight. (At least for a couple of weeks.) Among the most popular resolutions is a commitment to eating healthier. According to a recent Mintel Better for You Eating Trends report, healthy eating is about balance, no restrictions, for the vast majority (80%) of consumers.  With its nutritional profile and its role in popular, flavorful dishes, […]

2019: The Year of Insights 2020: The Year of Action

2019 was an incredibly exciting year for us at the National Pork Board. In January, we launched one of the most in-depth projects we’ve ever done – our Insight to Action initiative. The program was a first-ever research approach for our industry, combining 10,000 consumer interviews with demographic and spending data to provide a comprehensive view of […]

Connecting with Hispanic Women

A recent study by the Nutrition Journal found that of all demographics, Hispanic women report the second-highest mean time spent cooking: 62.3 minutes per day. On the flip side, Hispanic men spend the least time cooking of all demographics at only 19.6 minutes per day. This difference is key because it shows just how important it is […]

Three Ways to Draw Hispanic Families

Compared to other demographics, Latinos are more likely to do their grocery shopping with others. According to Acosta’s The Why? Behind the Buy U.S. Hispanic Shopper Study, 79% of Hispanic shoppers shop with someone else when making routine grocery trips, compared to 59% of total U.S. shoppers. And while we all know that children influence grocery […]

Authenticity is Everything in Hispanic Cuisine

Authenticity is Everything in Hispanic Cuisine Authenticity holds a very special place in the heart of Hispanic cuisine. Recipes are often passed down from generation to generation, helping Hispanics stay connected to their heritage. In fact, our research found that 63% of Hispanics prefer foods from their culture or country of origin. From pork tamales […]

Appealing to Younger Hispanics at Retail

Appealing to Younger Hispanics at Retail One of the more eye-catching findings from our Time to Tango: Latinos are Pork’s Future report is the influence of young Latinos. They’re embracing technology faster than other consumer groups. According to Nielsen: Meanwhile, Hispanic consumers are younger than any other demographic, with Latinos accounting for one in five of all U.S. […]

Butchers Play a Key Role in Drawing More Hispanic Shoppers Into the Store

Butchers Play a Key Role in Drawing More Hispanic Shoppers Into the Store The world of retail grocery is one of increased competition – especially from online shopping options. Online food and beverage sales are expected to jump 23% this year as sites like Amazon grab a growing share of the household brands and staples sold in […]

Making the In-Store Experience More Relevant to Hispanic Shoppers

Improving the In-Store Experience for Hispanic Shoppers Hispanic shoppers are incredibly savvy. They expect both value and quality, and they are willing to look long and hard to have their expectations met. In fact, Mintel found that as many as 72% of Hispanics shop at multiple stores in order to find the best value. Mainstream […]