Summer Grilling 2020: Economic Analysis

Plentiful supply should keep pork at the top of merchandising lists  Preparing for the grilling season, two questions are top of the mind for a pork retail merchandiser:   Is there enough pork supply?   Will prices allow me to feature pork successfully?  The latest data offers a firm yes on both counts.   According to USDA and Steiner Consulting data, the […]

Pork Champions Defined

Our integrated branding effort focuses on reaching a new target known as Pork Champions, those consumers who already prepare, eat and love pork. That’s great news for you, because it means the new target is already shopping your meat case for fresh pork and other proteins. Knowing as much as you can about your key pork […]

New Naming Program Backed by Consumer Research

Consumers Give Thumbs Up to Simplified Names and Revised Labels The new meat nomenclature effort you’ve been hearing a lot about was spearheaded by the National Pork Board and other industry partners, approved by both the FSIS and the AMS, and supported by an even more influential group: your customers. This program is founded on […]

Merchandise Whole Loins to Pork Champions

Wouldn’t you like to know a little more about the shopping habits of your best pork customers? A recent survey by the National Pork Board offers valuable insight into these important pork purchasers and suggests effective ways to reach them at the meat case. A quantitative study conducted in December 2011 surveyed 700 Pork Champions […]

Engage Pork Retail Customers Before They Leave Home

Engage Customers Before They Leave Home Get the Retailer Website and Mobile App results of the Pork Champions Study at a glance with our NEW infographics! One of the most powerful tools you have to connect with fresh pork customers isn’t even in your store – it’s your website. A recent survey conducted by the […]

Consumer Ham Research: A Product for All Seasons

How did we approach the research? We surveyed over 1110 U.S consumers and conducted six focus groups in key geographic areas.  Additionally, the survey screened for consumers who meet the following criteria: Shop for and prepare meals for their households at least half of the time Do NOT avoid pork, beef or poultry Purchase fresh […]

The Pork Effect: Virtual Shopping Research

Incremental Purchase Drivers. Perceived Out of Stock Levels. Effective Merchandising Sales in the meat case continue to be crucial for driving success in the grocery channel. Key insights into gaining additional consumer purchases are revealed in this research utilizing virtual shopping technology. Consumers shopping habits were observed and analyzed during a virtual shopping trip in […]