Influenza Season

It is not too late to get your flu vaccination. National Pork Board director of swine health information and research Dr. Lisa Becton is featured in this edition of Pork Pod with details on this severe influenza season and the impact on people and pigs.

Not Too Late: Pork Checkoff Offers Influenza Defense Tips

Although this winter’s influenza season is now in full force in both the human and swine populations, it’s not too late to follow key biosecurity and health protocols to keep yourself, farm personnel and your herd healthy and influenza-free. “We strongly recommend that farm workers and those who may be around pigs get an annual […]

Influenza Prevention

Anyone involved in the farm – from family to farm personnel – should get an annual flu vaccination to help protect human and pig health. By getting a seasonal vaccine, producers and pig farm workers can reduce the risk of getting sick and bringing influenza to the farm. The flu season typically runs from October […]