How Pork Board research is boosting the marketing efforts of one pork supplier

How Pork Board insights helped shape marketing strategy at Clemens We made a deliberate decision in naming this weekly newsletter. It directly reflects the change in how the Pork Board leads the conversation about pork within our industry. Since the Jan. 10 launch of the Dinner at Home in America report, we’ve been delivering weekly doses of the […]

Ten assorted chops? Not for 60% of consumers in this key demo

Growing Pork’s Affinity Among Solo Diners Living alone is a fast-growing trend across America, especially among Millennials and Gen X. In fact, according to a 2017 Pew Research study, roughly 60% of adults under age 35 are now living without a spouse or partner – up from 56% in 2007. As a result of this shift, dining […]

The key to Pork’s growth lies with these consumers

Hispanics Are The Key to Pork’s Future When we created our Dinner at Home in America report, we took the unprecedented approach of focusing on dinner occasions rather than consumer segments. We chose this approach because we wanted to understand the myriad of decisions and factors that go into dinnertime. Through this approach, however, we have seen […]

When creativity is on the menu, it’s pork’s time to shine!

When Creativity is on the Menu, it’s Pork’s Time to Shine! For many consumers, routines play a critical role in providing comfort, stability and structure in their day-to-day lives. That often extends into meal choices, opting to lean on familiar and favorite recipes to get dinner on the table in a hurry. We’re absolutely not talking about those […]

How We Fight Pork’s Perception Problems

Battling Pork’s Perception Problems Earlier this month at the Minnesota Pork Congress, a panel of everyday consumers shared their perceptions and opinions on all things food. From confusion about CRISPR gene-editing technology (with one panelist stating it “sounds like an intense oven”) to questions about GMOs (“I don’t really know what it actually means, I just […]

What Aren’t You Telling Consumers?

What Aren’t You Telling Consumers? Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about what’s in the food they eat, and especially what isn’t. Nielsen reports that consumers’ awareness of several key fresh meat claims has jumped 9 to 11 points in just two years. To that end, food labels have become much more important to the consumer as they […]

Clearing the Health Perception Hurdle

Clearing the Health Perception Hurdle Here’s a fact that all of us in the pork industry need to stand up and take note of: An omnibus study conducted by Nielsen revealed that the majority of consumers (55 percent) say protein is important in their food choices, yet 63 percent of consumers do not believe pork […]

How Do We Drive On-Hand Demand?

How Do We Drive On-Hand Demand? The insights uncovered in the Dinner at Home in America report identified a number of areas where the pork industry can take action to improve sales and better meet consumer demands. Let’s not lose sight of the many bright spots the report identified, though, including this: Looking at receipt-capture data, consumers who […]

What’s the recipe for success at dinner?

Welcome to the Insight to Action newsletter! Each week, we’ll provide fresh cuts of our Insight to Action data, cutting-edge ideas for innovation and new content exploring how you can grow your pork business. If you have any questions about Insight to Action, ideas for future exploration areas or would like to speak with the […]

Dinner at Home in America

The Pork Checkoff has funded a comprehensive study on how American consumers eat at home. More than 10,000 people were surveyed. National Pork Board vice president of domestic marketing Jarrod Sutton outlines this project in this edition of Pork Pod. Sutton also explains how this information is being disseminated to maximize the effectiveness of this […]