Common Swine Industry Audit Materials

Materials updated 12/30/2018 Audit Materials The Common Swine Industry Audit materials include: Audit instructions that outline the scope and objectives of the audit, instructions for biosecurity, selecting animals for observation, and tips for conducting an audit. Audit standard covers 27 key aspects of swine care and pre-harvest food safety through all phases of production. Audit […]

Common Swine Industry Audit

This tool provides clarity to producers about audit standards and expectations and ensures greater integrity of the audit process through consistent application. The CSIA ultimately provides consumers greater assurance of the care taken by farmers and pork processors to improve animal well-being and food safety. The overarching goal of the common audit process is to […]

Auditor Perspective – Jones

A look at auditor credentials, oversight, biosecurity, the audit work, the audit process, timelines, corrective action plans, continuous improvement among other topics.

Common Swine Industry Audit – Producer Perspectives and Resources

Emily Erickson, New Fashion Pork and Brian Zimmerman, Zimmerman Farms Erickson and Zimmerman provide a large and small operation point of view on having one or more Common Swine Industry Audits at their farms. Erickson shared her experiences of multiple audits and how each one has helped improve their operations and refine their approaches. Zimmerman […]