Watch our fabrication videos to learn how to make retail cuts from a whole boneless pork loin and from a whole pork shoulder.

Whole Pork Shoulder

Whole pork shoulder is incredibly rich in flavor and extremely versatile.  In this video, we demonstrate how to remove the blade bone from the shoulder.

Retail Cuts From A Pork Shoulder

In this video, we demonstrate the variety of retail cuts that can be fabricated from a whole/bone in pork shoulder.  They include:  bone in pork steaks, country style ribs from the boneless end of the shoulder, a boneless shoulder roast, and a bone in blade roast.

Whole Pork Loin Fabrication

In this video, we demonstrate fabrication of a whole pork loin.  The whole bone-in loin provides many options including the tenderloin, boneless sirloin, back ribs, and the full boneless loin.

Retail Cuts From Whole Boneless Pork Loin

From the boneless loin, there are many retail options including:  ribeye roast, country style ribs, New York Style roast, chops (thick, thin, or butterfly), boneless sirloin roast and boneless sirloin chops.