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Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) with neutralizing capacity (so-called neutralizing MAbs) are extremely useful for rationally design of vaccine immunogen designs. With the advent of novel cell technologies, several broadly neutralizing MAbs against HIV have been generated which have facilitated the identification of “vulnerable” sites in the HIV envelope protein. This knowledge has revolutionized the design of HIV vaccine immunogens, giving hope for the successful development of a broadly protective HIV-vaccine in the future. In the case of PRRSV, our laboratory had identified and reported the first neutralizing epitope located in the ectodomain of GP5 (so-called epitope B) thanks to the use of the neutralizing MAb ISU-25 developed by Iowa State University. The goal of this project was to generate neutralizing MAbs specific to PRRSV minor glycoproteins which mediate viral interaction with the host cellular receptor CD163. The rationale is that such neutralizing MAbs will provide us with a valuable tool to identify viral protein sequences that are responsible to binding to the CD163 receptor. At the conclusion of this project, we are able to generate one monoclonal antibody clone with a moderate level of neutralizing activity and 11 monoclonal clones that are non-neutralizing. We are in the process of identifying the biding sequences of these monoclonal antibodies.