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This program was designed to provide training in occupational health and safety to managers and workers while enhancing the National Pork Board’s occupational health and safety materials including the use of the Pork Production Safety System (PPSS). Through the provision of introductory talks at the 2008 Iowa Pork Congress and the 2008 World Pork Expo, 11 interactive online sessions, and an online forum, industry safety personnel were provided free, convenient training materials to meet the health and safety needs of today’s producer whether it be a small independent operator or a large operation with many employees.

A working group consisting of 17 persons who included industry safety personnel, researchers, educators, and an OSHA consultant was convened to develop the overall course outline. Working within this group, the course topics were developed and the best speakers were identified for each area. The suggested speakers were contacted, and in most cases, the suggested speaker was able to participate and lead that course topic. For each session, an attendance sheet and a brief quiz were provided for those who wished to receive certification for attending the sessions and completing the coursework.

An evaluation survey was sent to the Pork Board’s Roundtable Safety list after the series was completed which confirmed the need for increased health and safety training in the pork industry. The responses also showed that our topic areas were deemed relevant and needed. In addition, responders noted a need for a variety of course offerings such as short courses in person, workbooks, and supplemented by online training activities. The results indicate further need and demand for training. Based on the results of the project and discussions with National Pork Board Staff, we have developed a concept for a follow-on program that will be compatible and synergistic with the training programs of the National Pork Board.

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