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The main aim of this research was to determine P digestibility and concentration of digestible and metabolizable energy in corn, corn co-products, and bakery meal fed to growing pigs. It was also the purpose to determine the effect of addition of phytase on P digestibility. Swine producers may take advantage of the results from this research because the cost of most traditional feed ingredients has increased in recent years and the current data provide values for DE and ME and the digestibility of P in alternative ingredients. If DDGS, hominy feed, or bakery meal rather than corn is used in diets for pigs, the ME concentration of the diet will not change and if corn gluten meal is used, the ME will increase. However, if corn gluten feed or corn germ meal are used, the ME in the diet will be reduced, which may result in a reduction in ADG or in an increased feed conversion rate. Use of corn gluten meal, DDGS, or corn gluten feed will also increase the addition of digestible P in the diet, and the need for inorganic P will be reduced, which will also reduce the cost of the diet. Likewise, if microbial phytase is used in diets containing corn, corn-products, or bakery meal, the digestibility of P will increase and the excretion of P will decrease. Thus, the present data will allow swine producers to formulate diets containing several alternative ingredients and possibly reduce diet costs. Results can be implemented immediately without requiring producers to invest in additional technology.