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Diets containing corn or corn co-products were fed to swine over 6 feeding phases, starting at 18 kg bodyweight and concluding at market weight. The corn co-product diets contained increasing levels of the co-product; from 5 to 30% over the course of six feeding phases. Co-products used included distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGs), corn germ meal (CGM), and dehulled, degermed corn (DDC). Findings demonstrated no differences in animal growth or feed intake. However; pigs fed DDC diets had better utilization of diet energy and pigs fed the DDGs diets produced more heat, suggesting that there may have been some compensatory factors that allowed for similar growth to occur across diets. Carcass measures were not made and would need to be considered when deciding if these corn co-products are to be included in an operation’s management plan.