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Co-Investigators: Kerri B. Gehring, Jeffrey W. Savell, Davey B. Griffin, T. Matthew Taylor

The primary objective of this study was to benchmark the national prevalence rates of Salmonella in the lymph nodes (LNs) of sows and market hogs. LNs were collected across the United States from twenty-one commercial facilities, categorized by geographical regions as north or south. Twenty-five paired superficial inguinal lymph nodes were collected at each facility and shipped to South Dakota State University. Salmonella prevalence rates in the northern region were 37.0 and 6.4% for sows and market hogs, respectively. In the southern region, 4.8% of sow samples and 13.0% of market hog samples were Salmonella positive. Data on types of chilling methods used at each facility also were collected. In the northern region, prevalence rates of Salmonella across chilling types were distributed as follows: 20.0, 2.7, and 1.3% positive samples for conventional, other, and blast chill methods, respectively. Additionally, in the south, there were 20.0% positive samples for conventional, 12.0% for other chill methods, 0.0% for blast.