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All projects currently listed in the National Pork Board (NPB) research database relating to antibiotic resistance were identified, summarized, and categorized.  After developing a search term strategy, relevant research projects were briefly abstracted and then characterized using risk analysis based categorization system modified from article 6.10.1 of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Terrestrial Health Code.  Analysis of the NPB research database identified 70 funded projects that were largely classified into three categories using the modification of the OIE criteria.  They included: Hazard Identification, Release Assessment, and Exposure Assessment.  Only three research projects were classified as either Risk Estimation or Risk Management. Within these categories, the research projects tended to be centered on two research areas, specifically: (1) use of specific antibiotics and their effect on the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria in pigs and the environment and (2) release and transfer of resistant strains to other pigs or humans.  This assessment of the research should allow NPB to better evaluate their past sponsored research and potential data gaps to help prioritize future research goals. In addition, all results are included in a searchable Excel spreadsheet that has been submitted to the NPB.
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