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One of the excuses frequently used in objection to citing or expansion of livestock and poultry operations is that such operations result in negative health impacts for people residing in proximity to such operations. Many publications describing health outcomes in communities associated with livestock production reference several key studies. However, it has been unclear if these publications are describing all available studies, and further, whether the studies being referenced were conducted in a scientifically sound and unbiased manner.

In order to assess the validity of current health effects studies regarding animal feeding operations (AFOs), the United Soybean Board partnered with the Pork Board to conduct a literature review of health effects testing related to livestock production. Of 19 studies considered relevant to review, 14 were excluded because of high potential for bias. Overall, consistent evidence for a strong association between community health and proximity to and animal feeding operation was lacking. This project clearly showed that there is substantial evidence of bias in studies reporting health effects issues near animal feeding operations.