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The Pig Production Environmental Footprint Calculator Version 3 has been completed and will soon be made available to producers. This software enables the user to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and crop land requirements for an existing or proposed pork production operation. The model further breaks down the contributions from all significant aspects of the operation including: emissions from manure systems, electricity usage (pumps, fans, heaters, lights), feed production, feed delivery, fuels used and water used (drinking, cooling, barn washing, feed production). Additionally, the calculator estimates the operating costs associated with all of these factors to enable the user to identify the economic trade-offs of various equipment and procedural options and their impacts on emissions and associated incremental costs. For example, a user designing new feed mixes can use the calculator to simultaneously evaluate the costs and footprints associated with various feed ingredients. Input to the calculator consists of a description of the facilities and how the farm is operated; unlike other calculators of this type the Pig Production Environmental Footprint Calculator automatically estimates the required usage of feed, electricity, water, and fuels instead of requiring the user to input this information. The calculator runs on Windows machines from XP up and requires no internet connection for use.