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Co-Investigators: James E. Collins, Ernest F. Retzel

A PRRSV ORF5 database, accessible worldwide, was created for swine producers, practitioners and researchers (http://prrsv.ahc.umn.edu/). This database was established to fulfill one objective of the PRRS Initiative of the National Pork Board. PRRSV ORF5 nucleotide sequence data generated by diagnostic laboratories on field samples were assembled and placed into a searchable webpage, such that any user can go from input isolate sequence to generating alignments and phylogenetic dendograms that show nucleotide or amino acid relatedness with minimal steps. It is the database of choice for selection of vaccine candidates, understanding PRRSV variation, epidemiological queries and other requests. In the future, as the database is expanded to include information from other laboratories, we envision this database as the only website in the world to obtain timely information that is critical to PRRS elimination.