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The study objectives were to compare the duration of immunity of commercially available, one and two dose, killed porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) vaccines. Sixty, 3.5-week-old pigs were randomly divided into 6 treatment groups: one dose vaccines (FDAH-1, BIVI-1), two dose vaccines (Intervet-2, FDAH-2), and non-vaccinated negative and positive controls. Tissue homogenate challenge was conducted 63 (two doses) or 84 (one dose) days post vaccination. Viremia was reduced by 78.5% in pigs vaccinated with one dose and by 97.1% in pigs vaccinated with two dose products and overall microscopic lymphoid lesions were reduced by 78.7% and 81.8%, respectively. Contact Information: tanjaopr@iastate.edu