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Our study provides critical information on high genetic and antigenic diversity of porcine RVs (PRVs) confirming that the existing PRV vaccines do not include dominant field PRV strains currently circulating in the US. In particular, we have demonstrated that the prevalence of G9 PRV strains that are not included in the current PRV vaccines, is higher than a few decades ago. Molecular analysis based on complete genome sequencing of the current dominant G9 PRVs, indicated that they possibly have emerged as reassortants between the current PRV vaccine, human and bovine RV strains. We have also confirmed high genetic heterogeneity in porcine group C RVs and the concurrent co-circulation of different genotypes. Further, our results confirmed that there is only limited virus neutralizing ability between heterologous vaccines, historic and current PRV strains. Our research provides novel genetic data for PRV groups A and C that will permit generation of improved/updated PRV vaccines. Such vaccines will be beneficial to the pork industry to prevent group A and non group A PRV diarrhea, improve growth rates and reduce PRV associated morbidity and mortality. Our results also suggest that swine may be reservoirs for generation of reassortant strains potentially transmissible to humans, thereby posing public health concerns.