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Co-Investigators: Scott Dee, Peter Davies, Spencer Wayne

This project is an attempt to eliminate PRRS virus from all sites having pigs within two defined regions in Minnesota; eastern Rice county and Stevens County. We have completed our fourth year and although we are far from reaching the ultimate goal, overall, the accomplishments are substantial. For example, Stevens County has experienced a marked reduction in PRRS prevalence while progress in Rice County has been as dramatic. We have had 90% participation of producers, which exceeded our goal. Producers have openly shared the status of their farms, positive experiences and frustrations with control of the virus. And both producers and veterinarians have greater knowledge regarding diagnosis of PRRS, and its control and elimination. We believe that regional eradication of PRRS is achievable with currently available diagnostic tools, vaccines and knowledge on biosecurity and elimination methods. Regional projects present continued challenges and if a group of producers are contemplating a control program, the region should have the following characteristics: • Excellent veterinary knowledge & leadership. Knowledge includes but is not limited to: – PRRS diagnostics and sampling strategies – Confirming sow herd stability – Understanding and teaching biosecurity – Understanding herd closure • Few positive or variable PRRS status pigs entering the region for nursery or finishing. • Majority of producers are willing to act: – Monitor status. – Eliminate virus. • Good collaboration with people with exhibition pigs. Challenges will include: – Pigs purchased untested – Pigs exposed to commercial pigs at home – Non terminal fairs In summary, the challenges are substantial and progress will be coupled with setbacks. But, our experience in these two regions for 4 years leads us to believe that it is achievable in the “right” regions. Contact details for Robert Morrison: BobM@UMN.Edu 612-625-9276