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Co-Investigators: Marie Gramer DVM

New Multiplex TaqMan? RT-PCR genotyping assays for HA and NA genes of SIV were developed. These new diagnostic tests will advance available SIV diagnostics, both in speed and accuracy. We found that the TaqMan? assays, at present, can detect as little as 3,981 TCID50/ml of reference viral H1N1 strain A/Sw/Minnesota/2002 and 630 TCID50/ml of reference H3N2 viral strain A/Sw/Texas/1998. A new microarray format, having potential to advance the field of swine diagnostics, was not sensitive or reliable at present. Lastly, we provided HA sequence analysis for 335 SIV isolates, which showed that there are now several genotypes circulating in many US swine producing states.