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We have established that PRRSV-infected cells produce only one form (density) of virus and that it accounts for all of the infectivity. The virion is comprised of nucleocapsid at least 5 proteins. Two predicted proteins were not found, and portions of two key proteins, GP5 and M, were not observed. Studies underway are expected to clarify if the two “missing” proteins are present or not, and to determine unequivocally the complete sequence of the mature GP5 and M. This information is essential to understanding the antigens that are present on the surface of the PRRSV that might contribute to viral neutralization. This information is needed because the current model of viral neutralization and immune response, i.e. antibodies to GP5 neutralize the virus and are key to control of infection and resistance to challenge, have not been helpful in the development of effective strategies for controlling PRRS in swine herds.