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Turner, L. S., R. S. Gates, J. L. Taraba, J. L. Usry, and Montegue. “Dietary Manipulation of Sulfur for Reduced H2s Emission From Swine Waste.” 2000 ASAE Annual International Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 9-12 July 2000 (2000): 1-15.

This experiment was conducted to evaluate H2S production rates from nursery pig swine manure stored in simulated waste storage pits as influenced by sulfur content of the diets fed. Waste from six pens of weaner pigs was collected three times per week and placed into six containers. Gas, pH and temperature samples were recorded over a 21-day sampling period as a part of the 49-day experiment. The test results demonstrated significant production of H2S, with differences noted by treatment. Significant changes in swine slurry pH and temperature was found. The low sulfur diet treatment produced significantly lower H2S concentrations in the outlet ventilation air. The mean H2S concentration of unmixed slurry was 24% lower, while the mean H2S concentration of the mixed slurry was 38% lower.