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Increase demand for pork requires that new uses for existing muscles in the pork carcass be utilized in new and novel ways. To do this, different fabrication procedures need to be developed and then implemented by training those who fabricate the new cuts. Information on the location and action of muscles needs to be shared with those involved in meal preparation. One of the major users of the Porcine Myology and Muscle Profiling Website are those involved in the culinary industry. They frequently requested a 3-D model be developed to assist culinary arts students in understanding the muscles of a pork carcass. This project has developed a stereoscopic 3D model that can be displayed in a way the user can virtually dissect the pork carcass. This minimizes the need for a lab to view the muscles and bones in three dimensions making it possible to study the anatomy of pork in the classroom. Also, additional information about the muscle can be retrieved at the click of a button.