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The objective of this study was to determine the oral dose for efficient and effective euthanasia of domestic swine by sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is currently “Permitted in Constrained Circumstances” by the American Veterinary Medical Association for swine depopulation events. However, the use of sodium nitrite in domestic pigs is poorly understood. Swine have a strong taste aversion to sodium nitrite, making it difficult to provide adequate dosages through the feed and water for depopulation. This study used an individual oral drench approach to dosing domestic market weight and adult pigs at four different dosages. A standard oral dose of 181 mg/lb. of body weight, taken from a previous study in feral hogs, was used (1x), twice the standard dose (2x), 2.5 times the standard dose (2.5x), and 3 times the standard dose (3x). Pigs were dosed by oral drench individually using an air-compressor powered hook drench gun designed for administering oral medication to cattle. The behavior response of each animal following sodium nitrite administration was observed by the behaviors defined in Table 1. Monitoring devices that measure and record individual animal body temperature, heart rate, and activity were surgically placed under the skin of eight animals. Two implanted animals were placed in each treatment group.

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