The modules can be completed individually or as a complete series. Each module is approximately 10 minutes in length and provides producers with background information on the topic, what auditors will be evaluating and then asks producers to complete exercises to confirm their knowledge. These training modules produce a certificate of completion and can be used to satisfy the annual caretaker training requirement of the CSIA.

IntroductionEnglish / Spanish

Animal Benchmarking – English / Spanish

Caretaker Questioning – English / Spanish

Facilities and EquipmentEnglish / Spanish

Documentation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)English / Spanish

Medication & Treatment RecordsEnglish / Spanish

Timely EuthanasiaEnglish / Spanish

Willful Acts of AbuseEnglish / Spanish

CSIA Training Modules USB

Introduction and OverviewEnglish / Spanish

Timely ToolEnglish / Spanish

Confirming Insensibility and DeathEnglish / Spanish

Carbon DioxideEnglish / Spanish

GunshotEnglish / Spanish

Penetrating Captive BoltEnglish / Spanish

Non-Penetrating Captive BoltEnglish / Spanish

ElectrocutionEnglish / Spanish

Manual Blunt Force TraumaEnglish / Spanish

Dealing with Non-Ambulatory PigsEnglish / Spanish

RestraintEnglish / Spanish

Developing A Euthanasia Action PlanEnglish / Spanish

On-Farm Euthanasia of Swine Training Modules USB