Fact Sheets and Brochures

The Pork Checkoff has produced dozens of fact sheet and brochure resources to share results of Checkoff-funded research and other program information.
Fact Sheets and Brochures

Other Resources

Barn Culture

The Barn Culture resource provides information and templates to help producers effectively recruit, develop, train and retain employees and to create a positive Barn Culture while inspiring professionalism.

Benchmarking Employee Safety

Know where your farm’s safety record ranks in comparison with your peers by using the Benchmarking Employee Safety tool. Compare your operation with the top 25 percent and identify ways to enhance safety on your farm and focus on continuous improvement.

Common Swine Industry Audit

This tool provides clarity to producers about audit standards and expectations and ensures greater integrity of the audit process through consistent application. The Common Swine Industry Audit ultimately provides consumers greater assurance of the care taken by farmers and pork processors to improve animal well-being and food safety.

Emergency Action Plan

A well-documented emergency action plan (EAP) can be a valuable tool to reduce the impact of an emergency on your operation.

Employee Safety Toolkit

The Employee Safety Toolkit will provide pork producers the core components of a successful workplace safety program.

Environmental Sustainability Toolkit

The Environmental Sustainability toolkit provides training resources to help the animal caretaker understand and recognize the impact they can have on preventing environmental problems.

Farm-Level Crisis Plan

A farm-level crisis communication plan is a working document designed to help pork producers prepare for and respond to situations that impact the ability to operate their farm.

Human Resources

The Pork Checkoff has developed human resource tools that may assist you as you develop a caretaker hiring process that includes informing your prospective employees about your organization’s values and policies.

Humane Animal Handling

The Humane Animal Handling online training module series describes the correct methods of animal handling. Real-life scenarios are used to guide the learner step-by-step through common problems that may arise in handling. These modules are appropriate for animal handlers on farms, in transportation, or in packing plants.

Locate an Advisor or Trainer

Locate a trainer or advisor for PQA Plus or TQA for face-to-face or online training access.

Needle Know-How

The Needle Know-How resources will give today’s pig farmers and caretakers the information they need to help protect the safety of U.S. pork.

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Training

Be prepared to answer production-related questions in your community with Neighbor-to-Neighbor training. Farm owners, employees and contract growers will feel empowered to address questions from their neighbors about issues concerning animal care, antibiotics, the environment, industry structure and pork nutrition and health. You must be certified in PQA Plus to participate in this training.

Premises Validation

This tool allows producers to validate a premises identification number (PIN) and obtain barcode labels for the PIN entered.

Raised Without Antibiotics Self-Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool contains a series of questions producers are encouraged to consider with their management team and herd veterinarian when considering Raised Without Antibiotics production.

Safe Pig Handling

A training program that focuses on how the pig perceives and reacts to its world and how to become a more effective handler. The safe pig handling program will help create a safer environment for both pigs and people.

Safe Pig Handling 2

Safe Pig Handling 2 adds to the library of safe pig handling topics that will create a safer environment for people and pigs. This resource includes safe animal handling in Group Sow Housing, Heat Checking and Breeding, Semen Collection and Boar Studs, and Vaccinating and Treating.

Sow Housing How-To Guides

These sow housing how-to booklets are available in English and Spanish and provide guidance and considerations for transitioning to the six most common housing designs for gestating sows.

Sow Housing Management

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a particular type of housing system but none more so than the caretakers’ husbandry skills. Each sow gestation housing design has unique features that require special daily management considerations. These sow housing management guides have been developed for the six most common housing designs for gestating sows and include a management guide, daily observation checklist and troubleshooting scenarios.

Sow Housing Options

There are many sow housing design options for housing gestating sows and each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. Review these factors that can impact the success of any housing system design as you consider the appropriate system for your sows.

Swine Care Handbook

This guide to swine care reflects what we have learned most recently about animal husbandry and represents a commitment to continuous improvement in animal ethics.

Training Locator

Locate a training for publicly available PQA Plus, TQA and Youth PQA Plus face-to-face training dates, including location, instruction, cost and registration information.