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Areas of research and resources for hog production.

MRL for Pork Industry Exports

As part of the ongoing example of how U.S. producers show they care for their animals and the food they produce, they work with their veterinarians to follow the key guidelines associated with the proper use of animal health products.

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The Pork Checkoff has invested in the development of a number of tools to help pig farmers in various aspects of their businesses. From employee safety to human resources to safe pig handling, find the tools that you need for an efficient production system.

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Animal Science Animal Science

Animal Science

Information in the areas of swine nutrition, reproduction, genetics and management.

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Animal Well-Being Animal Well-Being

Animal Well-Being

Pork producers are committed to making sure their animals are treated humanely.

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Sustainability Sustainability


Pork producers work hard to preserve natural resources for future generations.

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Food Safety Food Safety

Food Safety

There are many aspects of pork food safety, from farm management to cooking.

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Public Health Public Health

Public Health

Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play.

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Swine Health Swine Health

Swine Health

Pork producers care about the health of their pigs.

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