Pig farmers are interested in hiring qualified employees to manage farms and raise pigs responsibly in line with the pork industry’s We Care ethical principles. The Professional Swine Manager education program and the Certified Swine Manager program help prepare candidates for this role in an evolving professional workforce.

Professional Swine Manager

The U.S. Pork Center of Excellence (USPCE), in collaboration with the Pork Checkoff, led the effort to develop a community college curriculum that prepares current pork production employees and community college students to excel as farm managers and can lead to becoming a Certified Swine Manager. The Professional Swine Manager curriculum includes classroom sessions delivered online by community college instructors experienced in pork production. The classes focus on the science and knowledge that allows farm managers to make better decisions. The program also includes hands-on learning at a farm site, providing real world experience for students. The course qualifies for credit towards an associate degree and includes Introduction to Swine Production, Sow Farm Management, Facility Operations and Production Records. This curriculum will help fill the industry’s need for managers who have an array of skills while offering a course of study for people interested in growing their career in pig production. Taking the PSM courses will also greatly improve the student’s chances of passing the Certified Swine Manager exam.

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Certified Swine Manager

The Certified Swine Manager (CSM) qualification recognizes and validates the knowledge, skills and competence of individuals who embody the We Care ethical principles. The program requires completion of an on-the-job skills assessment as well as passing a written exam. Whether a farm manager, department manager or an employee seeking a promotion, the CSM program can further develop any level of employee. The exam is administered online by the Pork Checkoff and addresses management level responsibilities and technical knowledge in farm management. Two certifications may be achieved, focused in Reproduction and Wean to Finish.

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