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From classic barbecue pits to refined dishes at upscale restaurants, smoke is more than a cooking method.

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The USDA looks to revise pork grade standards

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Chefs are pushing flavor boundaries with pork

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Smoked and Grilled Pork Blade Chop
  • PREP TIME 1-2 Days (including brining time)
  • COOK TIME 10 minutes
Pork Ribeye Chop and Peppers
  • PREP TIME 1-2 Days (including brine time)
  • COOK TIME 2 1/2 hours
  • SERVINGS 8-10
Smokey Pork Porterhouse Duo
  • PREP TIME 2 days (includes brine time)
  • COOK TIME Until internal temp reaches 145F
  • SERVINGS 18 porterhouse (bone-in loin) pork chops
Vinegar-Brined Pork Tenderloin with Apple Purée
  • PREP TIME 8 to 24 hours
  • COOK TIME Until internal temp reaches 145F
  • SERVINGS Slice tenderloin into medallions and plate
Wiener Schnitzel with Potato Salad
  • PREP TIME 1-2 hours
  • COOK TIME 60 seconds fry time per slice
  • SERVINGS 3 pounds boneless pork loin
Tonkatsu Sandwich with Kewpie Mayo
  • PREP TIME 2-3 hours
  • COOK TIME Assemble Sando
  • SERVINGS 5 pounds boneless pork loin
Chuletas a la Parilla with Platanos Maduros
  • PREP TIME Marinate Overnight
  • COOK TIME Grilled to Order
  • SERVINGS 15 pounds pork loin chops end to end
Bun Cha Marinated Pork Sirloin Chop
  • PREP TIME 1-2 days
  • COOK TIME Grilled to order + 3 minute rest
  • SERVINGS 3 Pounds Sirloin Pork Chops
Loin Back Ribs with Rob’s Righteous Red Sauce
  • PREP TIME 1 hour
  • COOK TIME 4-6 hours
  • SERVINGS Serves 2-4