As pig farming is mainly a family-oriented business, it has long been a practice to involve children in the farm and task them with specific responsibilities. In 2003, a youth version of the PQA Plus® program was launched. The Youth PQA Plus® program mirrors the content of the industry’s adult program Pork Quality Assurance® Plus, or PQA Plus®, but presents it in a format more conducive to a younger audience.

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Youth receive training from certified Youth PQA Plus Advisors. Those who attend class receive a one- year certification. Youth ages 12 to 19 have the option to take a closed-book test to receive a multiyear certification. Please refer to the Youth PQA Plus Minimum Standards for more information.

Some states have pursued state-specific youth quality assurance education and have created state-specific programs. An equivalency process allows the National Pork Board to verify that have these state-specific quality assurance programs address all of the minimum standards and key learning objectives of the Youth PQA Plus program. Read more about the Youth PQA Plus state program equivalency process.