yummly opportunitiesThe Pork Checkoff is putting a new twist on sharing pork meal ideas with consumers through a unique recipe partnership with Yummly that will launch in December. The move is part of Checkoff efforts to upgrade its digital footprint.

What Is Yummly?

“Yummly is a smart phone application that connects the right cook, with the right food and recipes, at the right time,” said Jarrod Sutton, vice president of domestic marketing for the Pork Checkoff.

Founded in 2010, Yummly is a leading innovator in personalized recipes and meal solutions.

The change in how the Checkoff manages its pork recipes is an opportunity to build a relationship with an industry leader in recipe development, aggregation and distribution, Sutton said.

Sharing Pork Recipes with 22 Million Users

“This partnership is a win-win. It will streamline how the Pork Checkoff promotes and distributes recipes while improving the user experience for consumers,” Sutton said. “Most important, the Pork Checkoff’s more than 2,100 recipes will find a home in front of the eyes of Yummly’s 22 million users.”

Smartphone apps such as Yummly are precisely how today’s cooks seek information, according to Kevin Waetke, vice president of strategic communications for the Pork Board.

“We need pork recipe ideas to be at consumers’ fingertips to keep pork top of mind,” Waetke said. “Our strategy fits Yummly’s driving goal to answer the question ‘What’s for dinner?’ before cooks even know they’re hungry.”

Yummly’s users also are devoted followers that use technology to drive food purchases – and they drive traffic to food blogger sites.

“This will allow a seamless process in motivating consumers to buy pork,” Sutton said.

“It all starts with searching the app for a recipe, finding the ideal recipe and generating a list of needed foodstuffs to purchase,” he said. “In the long term, we will even have a platform to educate pork consumers about three key issues – quality, pork cut names and the cooking temps.”

The Yummly site will use pork-branded pages to share and distribute pork recipes from all sites, including Google searches, state websites and the Checkoff’s pork.org. Look for the transition to the Yummly app in early December with the launch of the newly designed pork.org.