Pork Checkoff hosts its eighth annual Pork Crawl

By Claire Masker

The Pork Checkoff’s Stephen Gerike conducts a cutting demonstration for 13 key trade editors.

Foodservice and retailer editors recently converged on New York City for the eighth annual Pork Crawl. The two-day culinary event let guests see the city through the eyes of a chef by exploring its premier pork chop dishes.

Matt Abdoo from New York City’s Pig Bleecker restaurant served as host, with assistance from Chef Adam Sappington of The Country Cat in Portland, Oregon, and Chef José Mendín of Pubbelly Noodle Bar in Miami. The three chefs were highlighted in the Pork Checkoff’s fourth-quarter Taste of Now campaign.
Each Pork Crawl offers an educational experience about a specific cuisine, pork cut or cooking method. This year’s theme was Pork Loin End to End, with trade editors enjoying nine unique pork loin preparations.
“Through the eyes of Chef Abdoo, we shared new and exciting ways that the pork loin can be prepared at restaurants across the nation,” said Stephen Gerike, assistant vice president of channel marketing for the Checkoff. “The Pork Crawl is one way we develop and maintain relationships with the people who write about the restaurant industry and food trends.”
Gerike kicked off the Crawl with a pork loin fabrication demonstration. He explained that the pork loin eating experience is impacted by three factors:

  • Consistent pork chop names that align with common beef cuts, such as porterhouse chops, ribeye chops and New York chops
  • A recommended end-point cooking temperature of 145°F followed by a three-minute rest
  • Quality attributes based on color and marbling

“When these three pieces work together, foodservice operators have a real opportunity to deliver delicious, consistent eating experiences,” Gerike said. “This can ultimately drive repeat business and increase the bottom line.”

Stops at Nine Restaurants

The crawl showcased pork loin dishes at nine stops from Manhattan’s West Village to Brooklyn. The Pork Checkoff captures recipes, food photography and operator contacts to ensure editors have everything they need to write about the event.
“Personally and professionally, I’m grateful that I was able to attend this year’s Pork Crawl,” said Pat Dailey, freelance editor with Food Fanatics. “The event delivered education, insights and great food.”
Locations for the eight Pork Crawls have included Los Angeles; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Nantucket, Massachusetts; and Portland, Oregon.

Pork Crawl Showcases Pork Loin Chops from End to End

Stops at nine restaurants across the Big Apple put pork loin’s versatility in the spotlight for the participating trade editors. The event helps the Pork Checkoff develop and maintain relationships with the people writing about top food trends. Take a look at the featured restaurants and dishes from Pork Crawl 2017. Learn more about the restaurants and how the loins were prepared.