Jose De Jesus
Director of Multicultural Marketing

With the summer and related outdoor activities in full swing, one thing is clear: consumers are out grilling pork.

Especially Hispanic and African American consumers.

A new research study conducted by the National Pork Board shows that Latinos and African Americans enjoy eating ribs and pork chops during grilling season. In fact, the study shows Hispanics and African Americans are more likely to consume pork chops and ribs during grilling season than any other demographic.

According to Nielsen, which conducted the study for the National Pork Board, 40 percent of ribs and 32 percent of pork chops are sold between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. But who’s buying these cuts?

Research shows African Americans over index at 143 followed by Hispanics at 120. Asians and whites under index at 96 and 91, respectively.

The research also shows that when pork chops and ribs are in the basket the shopping cart is worth $121.47 vs $32.54 when they are not. The data is valuable for retailers and should encourage grocers to feature pork chops and ribs more often as consumers tend to spend more money at their stores when featuring these pork cuts.

With these insights in mind, the National Pork Board is reaching out to this growing demographic via influencer partnerships. Influencers are engaging Latinos and African Americans to keep pork top of mind during the grilling season.